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100% Sustainable, Solid Wood

Sunrise Sensations light therapy lamps are crafted from natural, sustainable solid wood.

Wood provides positive benefits to health by lowering stress reactivity, improving mood, and increasing productivity and energy levels. We created the first biophilic wood-based light box as a natural light source and response to mood disorders. Bring the calming effects of nature indoors for the best light therapy to combat winter blues.

Fully Adjustable Color and Brightness Settings

Adjust the color temperature and brightness based on your preferences with the remote control.

Match the color temperature based on your mood, from bright white, noonday-like to an ambient yellow, and any brightness and shade in between. Adjust the brightness from 5,500 lux to greater than 10,000 lux, the brightness recommended by physicians for effective light therapy. You may also control up to four Sunrise Sensations therapy lamps with the same remote control for greater versatility.

Improve Your Energy Level, Productivity, and Mood

Light therapy lamps, or light boxes, help regulate the circadian rhythm during darker days...

... and may improve your energy level, productivity, and mood. Get the needed exposure to bright, full-spectrum light, and the benefits of simulated sunshine without the harmful effects of UV-rays with our DayBright and BrightBox light therapy lamps.