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Usage Guide and Tips

Sunrise Sensations light therapy lamps are designed to substitute for reduced daylight hours by providing bright, full spectrum light that simulates the light of the sun throughout the day. Both the DayBright and the BrightBox can be adjusted from bright white, noonday-like to an ambient yellow, and any brightness and shade in between.

Light therapy is most effective when used for 20-30 minutes after waking up. The light simulates the effect of natural sunlight, keeping your body's natural clock in rhythm. You should place the light about 18 inches or more away and have your eyes open. You do not need to look directly into the light, but can continue doing other things without interrupting your daily routine as long as the light enters the eyes.

Simply plug in your Sunrise Sensations therapy lamp and press 'On' on the remote control. You can easily toggle through the preset daylight phases, or individually adjust the brightness and color temperature (higher for whiter, lower for more yellow) using the circular control pad.

The DayBright and BrightBox each use an array of many white and yellow light emitting diodes (LEDs), each with a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours. If used for 5 hours a day, each LED would still last for 27 years without ever needing replacement. And even if an individual LED were to fail after this time, the large number of LEDs in the array guarantees little noticeable difference in brightness. Compared to the fluorescent tubes used in many other light therapy devices, LEDs are more energy-efficient, do not flicker, and do not contain mercury.

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