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Full Spectrum, 10,000 LUX, UV-Free
Adjustable Bright Box Crafted from Solid Wood
    • Perfect for your nightstand or office desk, the BrightBox light therapy lamp strikes the perfect balance of size, style, and functionality. If you prefer light therapy at closer distances and love the elegance of our therapy lamps, the BrightBox is right for you.

      The BrightBox light therapy lamp offers quality and design with a bright, 10,000 LUX, UV free light in an elegant exterior of sustainable solid wood. Wake up to warmth and beauty, not a grey clinical box. While more compact than the DayBright, you still get the best value with a bright and stylish light that reduces your SAD symptoms during the winter months.

      In-stock items ship within 3 business days. See Shipping and Returns for more details.

      Our largest therapy lamp, the BrightBox L is made of sustainable hardwood and easily reaches over 10,000 lux over a broad viewing angle and distance. Improve your energy and mood with the BrightBox L. Also available in a midsize form factor, featuring the same crisp, modern lattice design.

      In-stock items ship within 3 business days. See Shipping and Returns for more details.

Light Therapy Reimagined.

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Compare Products DayBright BrightBox Generic Light Boxes
Size Larger than most therapy lamps for wider spectrum Perfect for desk or nightstand Small, narrow light source
Material Sustainable real wood, UV free LED Sustainable real wood, UV free LED Plastic, imitation wood print, mercury-containing fluorescent
Design Versatile, modern, inviting Versatile, modern, inviting Clinical, tablet like, depressing
Brightness 10,000 lux, adjustable, remote controlled 10,000 lux, adjustable, remote controlled 10,000 lux, no remote control
Guarantee 1 year warranty 1 year warranty Varies

4.67 Average

27 Reviews

Preston Abdo

I have struggled with insomnia for years. I listened to the Huberman Lab Podcast about getting light in your eyes first thing in the morning. I looked at a lot of options but this one was attractive and had a number of options as well as full spectrum light. I use it for about 30 minutes after I wake up and I can’t believe how energized I feel even before my first cup of Joe. I also notice I fall asleep faster as early morning light is supposed to set the go-to-sleep clock in the brain for 12 to 14 hours later. I love it!

Julia Owen

This happy lamp is expensive but looks so much nicer than the ones you can buy on a Amazon, I think it’s worth the extra money. I use it in the mornings when it is dark in the winter and I think it does help my brain to wake up.

Jamie Harty

Grateful for my mobile sun, so I’m not in such effect when it’s snowing or cloudy…

Maryli Secrest

This has literally brightened my days! I've been feeling better through these dark winter days, and having this light on my face makes me look more alive on my endless Zooms.


this is a wonderful lamp and i feel much sunnier on these cold dark mornings because of it!

Rebecca Castner

Love this sun light! I have it set up to a timer in my bedroom to help me wake up in the morning. Super helpful on those groggy rainy mornings!


It arrived very quickly. It not only is beautiful but very effective. I have had it for a short time, but can already feel a difference.


I bought this as a gift for my friend. She really loved it. When I finally got to see it, I was surprised that is actually more handsome in person than in pics. I can’t attest to whether or not it works, but I can report that my friend says she is enjoying it and that it is very beautiful.

katie rogge

The light is great, but we wish more info came with it re different light settings, which are most appropriate at what times, etc.

Lesley Hazleton

I've used SAD lamps for years, but was attracted by the elegant Japanese-style design of this one. Am glad I was. I really didn't expect to like it this much, but the soft light is wonderful, and the size is just right for my desk. Bravo.

Rodecia McKnight

The bright box definitely brightens my day. I sit by my box a few minutes a day and it has helped woth the sad.

Susan Zonca

My BrightBox provides a wonderful start to every day. Overcast days in Michigan, especially during these long dark winter months, can be challenging for those of us who need the sun to feel well. It's not only useful for my health, but an aesthetically attractive addition to any room.

Meghan Verberkmoes

I bought this as a gift so can't speak to how it works, but it looked beautiful, and shipping was amazingly fast! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a light therapy lamps.

Erik Carlson

Works like a charm! And aesthetically pleasing, too!


I absolutely love this Lamp!! I’ve noticed the difference in my mood in just one week of using it. The lamp has become part of my everyday routine! The lamp is so beautiful and I highly recommend it. I got 3 lamps for Christmas gifting. Buy this lamp if your feeling down, low energy, and need some light to help.


Bright and sunny for the days that aren't!


I didn't know that I needed one of these lights until I actually had one. Just around noon today the sky was cloudy and kind of rainy and my office got pretty dark. I turned on the light and it instantly made the room feel really energetic and warm and inviting to work in. I also love the design of the actual lamp itself -- it's very pretty to display and it looks good on a shelf or even the floor.

Alexandrea H.

My husband and I use the BrightBox in our office. It has helped our moods and increased our productivity during quarantine/work from home with Covid-19. I think this should be a staple in everyone's office. The smaller size of the BrightBox works well in a smaller office and it has also helped my plants! The remote make it easy to toggle through different settings and if you're at your desk in the middle of something you don't have to get up. Also, while in your home office the lightly does quite well during zoom calls, which we are now all too familiar with.

Keisha M.

I purchased the BrightBox because of the great recommendations from my friends. I’m so happy I got the small BrightBox because it’s the perfect size to place on my shelf next to my bed and I can turn it on right as I wake up. It instantly illuminates my whole room and I already feel more awake. I love the natural wood color because it matches with my decor and I appreciate the many different light modes. It’s already very gloomy here in Oregon and I can see the BrightBox help combat by season affective disorder.


My friend had recommended this to me after I was experiencing some COVID blues and I am so glad I got this! On days that are cloudy I love to use this light box to simulate the sun and instantly feel better :) I’m so glad I got this and it’s bright enough to fill up an entire room! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Becky Burd

I already feel better using this lamp! It's made me more focused and calm as I work during these dark PNW days! Thank you for making such a beautiful design as well. Best looking happy lamps I've seen out there.

Cindy C.

I love the little size of the bright box. This one is a little more portable in comparison to the DayBright. I'm using this second one at my partner's place and it's perfect for his night stand as well as moving it to the living space during these shortened days. One of my friends who got this with me has recommended me using it as a way for lighting myself up during video conferences and it's been a game changer. I also use this this hooked up to a timer so that it turns on when the sun rises. Also has helped me get up and feel a tad more awake. Highly recommend this for those who hit the snooze button several times like I do.

Lauren Alley

This is like sitting in front of a sunrise every day. I love that you can change the light tone so it's not that super white artificial light that so many lamps have. This is going to get me through the winter!


This little box of sunshine has helped me get out of bed each morning in Oregon where sometimes day looks like night. While the light doesn’t emit heat, the warm setting makes you feel like you’re basking in the sun. The edges are smooth and feel very well put together. I love my light and have been using it daily.


This size of BrightBox is actually larger than you would expect! I use it while working from home on my desk and feel a significant difference in my mood and energy. The BrightBox is well constructed, sturdy, and the adjustable light settings and color temperature are so convenient. Very happy with my purchase.