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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For morning use, your light therapy lamp should be positioned about 18 inches away, for example on a table or counter. Your eyes should be open but you do not have to look directly at the light. If you would like to use your therapy lamp throughout the rest of the day, the lamp can be positioned further away for convenience. The light should not be used in a dark room, as this may cause eyestrain. For additional details, please consult our Usage Guide.

I would like to control additional lights using the same remote control.

Use the pairing procedure below with the 'B', 'C', and/or "D' buttons allows up to four therapy lamps to be controlled with the same remote. You can control every lamp together with the top buttons or each lamp individually.

My lamp is not responsive to the remote control.

The remote control may have to be paired with the light. First, turn off the light using the toggle switch on the cord. Then locate the 'A' button on the remote. Now hold down the top part of the 'A' button while turning on the light using the toggle switch. The light should blink to indicate a successful pairing. If you cannot successfully pair the remote even after replacing the batteries, please contact us.

Sunrise Sensations light therapy lamp remote instructions