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  • Our most popular offering, the DayBright full-size light therapy lamp is unmatched in light quality and design. Easily reaching 10,000 lux and over, the DayBright is among the absolute brightest in light therapy, simulating the qualities of natural sunlight to combat anxiety and lack of energy. Fully adjustable settings with a remote control allow you to match the brightness and color to best suit you throughout the day. The large surface area and multiple surfaces ensure that light is emitted over a wide viewing range so that you can experience light therapy while freely going about your day.

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Light Therapy Reimagined.

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Compare Products DayBright BrightBox Generic Light Boxes
Size Larger than most therapy lamps for wider spectrum Perfect for desk or nightstand Small, narrow light source
Material Sustainable real wood, UV free LED Sustainable real wood, UV free LED Plastic, imitation wood print, mercury-containing fluorescent
Design Versatile, modern, inviting Versatile, modern, inviting Clinical, tablet like, depressing
Brightness 10,000 lux, adjustable, remote controlled 10,000 lux, adjustable, remote controlled 10,000 lux, no remote control
Guarantee 1 year warranty 1 year warranty Varies

4.93 Average

92 Reviews

Ismay Dent Seawings

Got this for my Son who is in college and can't always get outside during the daylight hours. He loves it! Bright, nice to look at and he says the plants like it too!

Kieran Stilson

This light is STUNNING. I’m very particular about aesthetics, and no other light compares to this one. Having the light on brightens my day, just because it’s pretty to look at, let alone the mitigation of SAD symptoms. And at night I can have it dimmed low enough to read my book. It’s perfect and I’m excited to learn how much it will continue to help me.

Lois Sang

My DayBright Light Therapy Lamp is everything that I expected and more. It arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Lois Sang


This lamp was a lifesaver for my student daughter’s Soho flat that we discovered after moving in had no natural light. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and practical sun substitute!


I'm super impressed with this light! So beautiful, and the adjustable settings make it possible to fit into my space depending on the time and weather. I've been recommending it to all my friends. My one qualm is that the light was shipped in Styrofoam. Isn't it possible to ship in molded cardboard, or something that is biodegradable at least? Styrofoam takes 500 years to decompose, and it's banned in most cities now.

Chloe Johnson

Really beautiful lamp and love the settings for high/low and different warm to cool shades. Remote is also really coming in handy.

David Mays

The light is beautifully and evenly diffused, extremely bright if you set it high but super easy to adjust both temperature and brightness otherwise. The wood frame is good looking and its a stylish piece. **be warned** it is large. They have the dimensions but it definitely feels larger once its on the table.


Brightens up my dark living room and definitely boosts my mood!

Rebecca Castner

I love this sun lamp! On rainy days I find it hard to get going, especially since I'm often wfh. This does the job to shake the cobwebs out if my brain, and it looks great so I don't feel like I need to hide it.

Tatiana Bergstrom

Very quick delivery, and the light itself is beautiful, decorative and functional. It has only been a few days, so can't assess durability at this point. Excellent quality item, for sure.

Theresa Fortunak

Excellent product! There’s four settings of different lighting. My favorite is the “warmer” shade. Helps me from PTSD triggers from certain lighting. I’ve never had a light shine as bright, brightening the whole room. The way the DayBright light looks in general, is great too. The remote that comes with it, is another fantastic add on. My mood has definitely felt a change since using this. It could be different for every person, but highly recommend nonetheless.


I live in a basement bedroom with no windows (currently call into work and classes from there, too, due to COVID), and being in a pitch dark room makes it way too easy for me to oversleep or keep getting back into bed after I initially try to wake up in the morning. My sleep schedule (or lack thereof) and worries about oversleeping and being unproductive were super unhelpful to me as someone who deals with anxiety and depression and your everyday run-of-the-mill life/pandemic stress, so I decided to look into light therapy/sunlight lamps and found this one. I've had it for about a week and I really like it so far - it's bigger and brighter than I expected, and placed maybe 5 feet away from my bed it feels almost like an actual window! A little pricey, but I'm glad I invested in this one instead of doing what I normally do and going with the cheapest thing I could order online. The one complaint I have is that I thought the lamp would have a built-in timer that mimics sunrise/daylight/sunset, so I was mildly disappointed when I discovered that it doesn't. I was hoping to be able to wake up in a room with some light, like I would if I had a window, but this lamp seemed like the best one I could find overall, so I got a smart plug with a timer and made do. I've set the smart plug so that the lamp turns on at 6:30am and off at 6:30pm and I use the more orangey "sunset" setting by default, then when I wake up I use the nifty lil' remote control to switch it to the brightest setting and pep myself up. Definitely motivates me to get out of bed and energizes me in the morning so I'm a little less anxious and frazzled and I can shower, eat, and chat with my roommates then actually feel ready for work! I still wish I had a window, but this is the next best thing and I would recommend it to anybody else in the windowless bedroom predicament.

Ruth Robertson

I love, love love this light!! My only issue is the remote. I don't exactly know how to use it! There are lots of buttons but no directions. I would give it 6 out of 5 if there were good directions for the remote! Love this light!!

Hi Ruth, we are so happy you love your lamp and appreciate your feedback. Each lamp arrives with an information pamphlet which includes instructions on remote pairing and usage, but you may also find additional information on our website in the Usage Guide section. If at anytime you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our support team and we would be happy to assist!

Tella Friedewald

LOVE!! So happy with this purchase. Have bought one for my best friend as well.


We really like our light. I would like the shipping to change the packing from styrofoam to something earth friendly!

Katrina Shrader

Our entire family loves it, including the plants and animals. I've even recommended my father in law suggest a further intuitive option to be used more regularly in homes and especially in assisted living and hospital settings, as well as home. Beautiful ❤️ Thank you and God bless.

Jihong Park

Love it!

Julie Davis Veach

This is the best therapy light ever! It is much brighter than the others I have tried and the design is so beautiful! The winters in Indiana are very gloomy and cold and the DayBright therapy lamp helps me cope with my seasonal depression during the harsh winter months in the Mid-West. I have bought 2 already. One for our kitchen and one for my studio!

Mary J. Caffrey

This light works to brighten my mood as it also functions to brighten my room. Everything about the Daybrite, from mood to room brightened, works well. The remote is a breeze to use, also. Highly recommend!

Savanna Wagner

I love my DayBright lamp! After my Dr. recommended light therapy to help me cope with winter blues, I found this product. It is so beautiful! The light makes me feel really glamorous. I love turning in on the the morning while getting ready. It really helps me ‘wake up’ and feel ready for my day. On the weekend, it is the perfect thing to have on while reading a book. If I need a little motivation boost to cook dinner, I plug in my light, and feel inspired. Thank you for a wonderful product! I love this purchase.

Amanda Feifer O’Brien

We just started using it, so I can't comment on its longevity or efficacy, but it is a very beautiful and bright. The remote offers the ability to control multiple lamps if you have them, as well as the type of light and brightness. Very nice! Totally changes the dank, dark feel of my husband's office in the basement. Here's hoping it can ward off the glum that comes with grey Michigan winters!

Heather Haynes

I absolutely love this light! Especially that you can adjust the brightness and the tone by remote. My entire room has a soft sunny glow and it's making winter a lot easier on me.

Kiana Tompke

I am in love with my DayBright! Before adding light therapy to my morning routine I was feeling sluggish and in a funk. After using this consecutively for over a month, I've noticed a considerable change in my mood and motivation. I'm so impressed and have been trying to tell everyone about Sunrise Sensations!

Shauna Opitz

I was skeptical at first about this light therapy business. But everyone was telling me how much it helped them and I was at a point where I needed to try something more. Since I’ve received this beautiful lamp, I have in fact noticed a change in my mood and energy. I use it as often as possible in my living room where I read in the mornings and do artwork in the evenings. The remote has proven to be extremely convenient as well. There are multiple settings on this lamp, so I believe it should please anyone who likes a more fluorescent setting or warm lighting. It covers everything in between. Thank you Sunrise Sensations!


Came very promptly in the mail!

Krista Townsend

Quick delivery, easy set up, beautifully crafted. I appreciate having the option for bright or warm light and the ability to dim or brighten the intensity. My only recommendation for improvement is that I wish the warm white color stayed in a warmer hue as you dim it. It seems to seems to shift to a slightly brighter hue when I do this. Overall, I'm very pleased with this product. When used as instructed (and even if m sitting farther away, but facing it) I do notice a boost in energy and alertness.

Vanessa Correa

It's great! At first I wasn't convinced of the price tag, but worth every penny: from the sleek design (all other light therapy lamps I have seen are eyesores) to the different light temperatures to the dimmer on the remote. I love it and I'm glad I invested in my health.

Stacie Jeanjaquet

I highly recommend this DayBright therapy light. It fits seamlessly into my home and is a beautiful addition. So far, it's been effective in boosting my mood. I've struggled with winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder for years so I'm so happy to add this in to support me.


Bought for my husband for Christmas and let him open it early. He loves it! I love the geometric shape that fits in with our home so nicely. And it’s not so stigmatizing when sitting in our house because it just looks like decor! Looking forward to much success with this!